Many patients experience toothaches but refuse to see the dentist because of their dental fears and anxieties. They choose to bear the pain than to get treated, which could get worse and result in problems like missing teeth and gum disease. Do you also have the same experience? Delaying your appointment may just result in a more complicated and costly treatment. Don’t wait for that to happen. Overcome your fears with the help of your Kennewick WA dentist today.

Speak with your dentist

The best way to cope with your anxiety is to talk to your dentist. Take note that you’ll not receive any treatment yet; you’ll only come in to discuss your concerns and express your fears. Tell him the reason why you’re scared. If the sight of an injection brings back a bad childhood memory, then say it, so that your dentist will know. Don’t feel embarrassed. Your health care practitioner understands what you’re going through. He’ll make sure that you feel calm and comfortable during consultations and while you’re undergoing treatment. He will also explain the process step by step so you are aware of what will happen, so you may ask or voice out concerns as well.

An open discussion with your health care practitioner allows him to assess your level of fear and he may suggest sedation dentistry to help you relax during treatment. It’s usually recommended for patients with bad gag reflexes, sensitive teeth, lower pain tolerance, and other issues. Sedation is usually performed using either a pill that’s taken before treatment or by inhaling gas like nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Sedation will keep you calm and relaxed during the procedure, allowing your dentist to perform the required treatment.

Prepare for your appointment

Sleep early and get well-rested before your big day. Then, eat a light meal before you leave the house. Have someone accompany you to the clinic as you may be too drowsy to travel while under sedation.

Deal with your dental fears with the help of Dr. Walter G. Hadley, your friendly Kennewick WA dentist, by calling 509-591-0515 today.

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