A missing tooth is one thing, but missing teeth is a whole new ballgame! Anytime your smile is not complete, we want to do things to correct the problem, but missing several teeth is especially difficult for your oral health. At this point, you are beyond a dental bridge as an option. Dental implants are available, but not an option for every patient. We need to turn to something that can hold multiple teeth in place at the same time, which is why we turn to a partial denture.

Missing several teeth will cause serious issues for the health of your mouth. Chewing will be increasingly difficult, as will speaking and smiling! Missing teeth puts you at risk for bruxism (teeth grinding) and developing a misaligned bite. You will also notice your mouth changing shape and creating an older look to your face. It’s important, for all of these reasons, to restore your teeth with a solution that will last!

Partial Dentures Make Restorations Easy

A partial denture will fit perfectly into the missing places in your smile! We will craft a partial specifically for your unique smile. Partial dentures are removable, just like full dentures, but the partial is held by small metal or ceramic clasps that connect to your healthy teeth rather than being held in place by your gums, like a full denture. Patients love partial dentures because the ability to chew, speak, and smile is restored with a restoration that blends in well. Plus, the partial denture is very comfortable to wear!

Don’t be ashamed of missing teeth, but understand that those missing teeth need to be restored! A partial dentures can replace multiple teeth so that you can go back to enjoying the foods you love. Contact us today to learn more about partial dentures and how they might benefit you. We’d love to help you get your beautiful smile back!

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