Knowing that your kids are in perfect dental health makes you very happy. Why won’t it? When your kids have no problems with their pearly whites and gums, they don’t have to refrain from socializing with their friends. Furthermore, they have the luxury of comfortably sinking their teeth into the foods that they enjoy. Aside from that, they get to sleep without any interruptions. Therefore, you intend to regularly take your kids to their dentist’s office. However, that can be quite difficult to accomplish due to your kids’ dental phobia. Fortunately, your kids’ days of fearing dental visits are over thanks to oral sedation.

To aid you in helping your kids prepare for oral sedation, we have enumerated some guidelines that you must follow to the letter.

Before their appointment:

• Avoid giving them medications that are excluded from their dentist’s prescription. It’s imperative that you don’t give your kids medications that are excluded from their dentist’s prescription as those medications can prevent the prescribed oral sedative from properly taking effect.

• See to it that they don’t eat or drink anything at least six hours before their appointment. An empty stomach decreases your kids’ chances of regurgitating while their procedure takes place.
After their appointment:

• Spend the rest of the day with them. Your kids won’t be able to do things on their own for a maximum of 24 hours. Thus, you have to accompany them for the rest of the day in order to provide them with the necessary assistance.

• Prohibit them from performing physically demanding activities. Your kids may sustain an injury if they perform physically demanding activities immediately after their appointment.

For expert advice on helping your kids prepare for oral sedation, you may see Kennewick dentist, Dr. Walter Hadley, here at Marineland Dental Care or contact him at 509-591-0515.

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