Daily oral hygiene paired with routine dental visits is essential in the prevention of gum disease. There are different methods that promote the importance of these two. The American Dental Association’s (ADA) online campaign called ADA Dental Symptom Checker emphasizes the significance of oral health and regular dental visits in fighting gum problems. Aside from this interactive Web platform, a variety of cleaning tools can help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Your dentist may recommend you to try interdental cleaners, oral irrigators and mouthwashes.

A variety of interdental cleaners is available in the market. It comes in different shapes and sizes like special wooden or plastic picks, brushes and sticks. These tools can help you get rid of the debris trapped in between your teeth. It’s great for people with large spaces between their teeth, patients wearing braces or individuals who underwent a gum surgery.

Another option is an oral irrigator which is an electrical piece of equipment that uses a stream of pulsating water to eliminate plaque and food particles between teeth and gums. It effectively reduces bleeding and gingivitis.

Lastly, mouthwashes or mouth rinses promote dental hygiene; reduce oral discomfort and helps with bad breath. Rinses can be prescribed by your dentist or purchased over-the-counter.

Always remember that at-home treatments should be partnered with routine checkups. See your dentist at least every six months. If you have a serious condition like periodontal disease, you may need frequent trips to the clinic.

Dr. Walter Hadley offers prevention for periodontal disease through in-office and at-home care treatments. He performs a careful evaluation of your mouth before creating a customized treatment plan for you. Dr. Hadley utilizes advanced techniques in the prevention and treatment of gum disease.

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