Last time, we talked about the emotional and psychological effects that missing teeth can cause many people to experience. We said that dentures can be a solution for some people, but that studies have shown that dentures can still be a source of embarrassment and anxiety. (Read the blog here.)

We also said that there are other solutions to your missing teeth that can allow you to be free from anxiety and worries that come along with missing teeth. Let’s take a look at those now.

Dentures with Implants
Did you know that implants can secure your dentures? After we place your implants in your jawbone and allow your bone to grow around their titanium posts, we’ll snap the dentures on top with connectors. This stable system will allow you to chew, swallow, and taste your foods again!

Dentures with implants will also give you the confidence to smile or talk without your dentures sliding out or moving around. They also can help stop bone loss in your face, which leads to premature aging—another source of emotional pain that’s associated with tooth loss.

Removable lower dentures cause more problems moving around than upper dentures, so implant-supported dentures can be especially beneficial for the bottom part of your mouth. They’re also good for you if you have any bone loss caused by your removable dentures.

Here’s what Dr. Hadley has said about his patients who have dentures secured with implants:

“If you offered them $20,000 for their lower denture with the implants to give them up, I think they’d refuse you because it’s made such a difference in their life.”

See Dr. Hadley talk about dentures with implants in a video here.

Implants are also an ideal permanent solution to tooth loss. They are securely anchored into your tooth root and stabilize crowns or bridges on top that we make to look like your natural teeth. Implants allow you to eat the same foods you would with your natural teeth, so there’s no fear of eating in public again! You can also talk and swallow like you would with your natural teeth. You can proudly show off your smile again, too!

Dental Sedation
Some people are so embarrassed about their missing teeth that it prevents them from coming to see us. Like we said in our last blog, we will not judge you about your missing teeth! It’s our job to HELP you find solutions and to keep your worries private, and it’s one of the reasons our patients trust us with their dental care.

You might be like some of our patients who were once so afraid of going to the dentist that they decided to do nothing about their missing teeth. To them, they would rather suffer and deal with the embarrassment of missing teeth than face their fear of going to the dentist, especially if fixing their missing teeth involves something that they think will be painful.

Please don’t let your fear of the dentist stop you from getting the care you deserve! Our Marineland Dental Care dentist and staff will make you as comfortable as possible with our welcoming and friendly environment. You will know when you come in that your concerns are of the highest important to us.

If you are scared of going to the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry so that you can relax and don’t have to feel anything during your procedure! Read our recent blog on sedation dentistry here and listen to Dr. Hadley talk about it here.

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