Although they may somehow have less risk of falling out compared to upper jaw dentures, lower dentures can also become loose and may eventually slide or click when you eat or speak. Just the fact that you have been wearing removable dentures means you no longer have any natural teeth or tooth roots that can preserve your bone health and maintain the integrity of your jaw. This in itself can cause the bone to resorb or shrink, changing the dentures’ initial fit.

Even the amount and quality of your saliva can in fact affect how well you can retain your dentures, as saliva helps in the suction of a denture. Also, how well you have adapted to the use of removable dentures and if you can control and keep the dentures in place in your mouth can also make a lot of difference.

But whatever the cause, when your lower dentures do start to click or slide, you don’t have to endure the discomfort and inconvenience that comes with wearing them. You just need an appointment with Kennewick dentist Dr. Walter Hadley to have it adjusted, replaced, or fitted into place using mini dental implants.

Dr. Hadley can help secure your lower dentures with mini-dental implants, either to retain a removable prosthesis or to support the fixed, permanent kind. Mini-dental implants will work even if you don’t have enough bone density and may have been previously diagnosed as unfit for implants. These small, biocompatible titanium posts not only keep your lower dentures firmly attached, they also preserve your bone and facial structure with the stimulation that comes from the implants carefully-positioned into the bone.

By being smaller than conventional implants, mini-implants are less invasive in the sense that they require less if not no incisions at all and subsequently, need less recovery time since they have better osseointegration rates compared to their standard-sized counterparts. And since they are smaller, mini-implants are also less expensive, so you’re practically paying less for the same results if you had pushed ahead with traditional implants.

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