What keeps you from visiting your local dental clinic? Are you afraid of the dentist? Scared of injections? Like many people, dental fears can prevent you from getting the needed treatment. If you delay your appointment, you’ll be surprised to wake up one day with a nagging toothache and find yourself getting a complicated treatment. You can prevent this from happening with the help of Dr. Walter G. Hadley. He’ll make sure that your stay at Marineland Dental Care will be a pleasant one. He provides solution on how you can overcome your fear by using modern techniques and procedures along with sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry uses medications to keep you relaxed during the treatment. It is usually recommended for people who have a low pain threshold, individuals with sensitive teeth, those with a bad gag reflex, and patients who need complex dental work.

Your Kennewick WA dentist offers oral sedation, which works by taking a pill an hour before the procedure. Depending on the dosage given, the sedative drug can range from mild to moderate. This can make you drowsy but you’ll still aware of your surroundings. You’ll be able to receive the treatment without worrying about the pain, the sight of a dental instrument, or the sound of any machine. Instead, you’ll just sit comfortably in the dentist’s chair and let your health care professional work on your teeth.

Make sure to bring a companion with you, as you might not be able to drive on that day. Your dentist will provide you with additional information.

Want to know if oral sedation is right for you? Just visit the clinic so that your dentist can evaluate if sedation dentistry is something that you’ll need during treatment. Get in touch with your Kennewick WA dentist. Dial 509-591-0515 and make an appointment right away.

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