Are you looking for a new dentist in Kennewick, Washington? You have some great options out there, but do you know how to evaluate those options? What exactly are you looking for anyway? These are things you need to consider before you begin shopping for your next doctor!

It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a great dentist so great, but we have some ideas to help you make the decision! Take a look at some of the things below that we believe make a dentist someone worth seeing!

What Are You Looking For?

You might not know exactly what you are looking for, but we bet you would know it when you saw it. At the very least, you would know who isn’t a good fit for you or your family based on a consultation or appointment. Even so, there are some qualities that you might not be considering, and those are the qualities we want to talk about today!

A Dentist Who Invests in the Office
One thing you can look for in dental offices is how a dentist is investing in the practice. A dentist who is stagnant and is not making any changes is not the dentist for you! You want to see someone who is always learning and trying to make things better for the patient. Here are a couple way you’ll see that.

Technology – A dentist who is investing in the practice will have up-to-date computers for the staff and will have invested in a couple of special dental tools to make your appointment more efficient. That might mean special imaging equipment, a dental laser, or some other form of dental tool!

Comfort – A dentist who invests in his office will have a comfortable place for you to wait for your appointment. You will feel comfortable in the patient room, and the dentist will be using tools and procedures that make you as comfortable as possible! An example of this is sedation dentistry!

A Dentist Who Invests in the Staff
The dentist is responsible for selecting a staff who can be trusted with you and your dental care! You want to see that dentist also investing in the staff to help create a helpful and knowledgeable staff. This staff should also be:

Friendly – No one wants to trust their smile to someone who forgot to bring their own smile to the office! A friendly staff is a sign that everyone is (in general) very happy to be at work and ready to help you!

Supportive – As you are getting to know a staff, it will very quickly become very clear if that staff is supportive of you and your smile! You’ll never feel embarrassed or ashamed during your cleanings, and you’ll know that you can ask questions at any point!

A Dentist Who Invests in You
Maybe the most important investment a dentist can make is an investment in the patients, and that means you! You are a very important part of any dental practice, and you should be treated as such!

Encouraging – A great dentist will be encouraging to you. You will feel supported and heard through any and all decision-making processes! Plus, you will know that this dentist really wants what is best for your smile.

On Your Team – A great dentist is always on your team. Whether you need to improve the look of your smile or the health of your smile, you will know that your dentist is right there with you, helping you make the best decisions for your smile!

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If you are ready for a new dentist who is willing to invest in your entire dental experience, if it is time to call us to set up an appointment! We are ready to be put to the test because we do all of these things listed above on a daily basis!

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