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Getting dentures is a big decision.

But dentures can also bring new problems for you to deal with. Lower dentures in particular can be troublesome.

You can prevent a lot of those problems by getting implant-supported dentures instead. And where can you get implants in Kennewick, WA? At our dentist office — Marineland Dental Care.

We’ve seen and heard about the difference that implants have made in the daily lives of our patients. Whether you have dentures already or are planning to get them in the future, call 509-591-0515 or contact us online if you want to learn more about dental implants.

By setting up a consultation with Dr. Walter Hadley, you can find out if you are a good candidate for implants and get answers to your questions about them. You don’t have to settle for loose-fitting dentures.

How Losing Your Teeth Affects Your Jaw

Teeth and jawbones have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Jawbones bond to the roots of teeth. This holds teeth in place, and it allows people to bite with an average of 200 to 250 pounds of pressure. That’s more than enough to eat the foods that people typically eat.

With every bite and every chew, something else is happening, too. Your roots are pushing into your jawbone. This stimulates the bone to create new bone tissue. That keeps your jaw healthy and prevents bone loss.

When you lose teeth, you also lose your roots. As a result, your jaw no longer gets the stimulation it needs to make new bone tissue. Over time, your time starts to shrink because old tissue is reabsorbed into your body but is not replaced with new tissue.

This is why people who are missing teeth can develop a sunken appearance in their face.

Lower Dentures Alone Are Not Enough

Many people get dentures when they lose their lower teeth.

From a purely cosmetic standpoint, this can give you a natural-looking smile again — at least at first.

The problem with traditional dentures is that they rest over your gums. These dentures are not connected to your jaw. That means you can’t generate the same kind of biting force. It also means that you aren’t stimulating your jawbone, so your jaw will continue to shrink over time.

As your jaw gets smaller, the shape of your mouth changes. This also leads to your dentures feeling looser and looser, which can be frustrating. Using dentures adhesives offers some limited, temporary benefits, but that’s not going to stop what’s happening below your gumline.

This is why people with dentures need to have them replaced or relined regularly.

Dental Implants Can Stop The Hassles

Dental implants can turn your dentures into something else. With implant-supported dentures, you can have the closest thing to natural teeth that modern dentistry has to offer.

By getting dental implants, you can stop the bone loss in your jaw, and that provides some other important benefits as well.

Modern dental implants are made with titanium and mimic the general shape of roots. Through a process called osseointegration, your jawbone bonds with your implants as if it were a natural root. This makes implants a great replacement for the roots of your missing teeth.

A series of dental implants can support your lower dentures. When your dentures are attached, you can regain up to 90 percent of the bite force you had with your natural teeth. That means you can continue eating the foods that you love.

The implants also create a direct connection between your dentures and your jawbone. This does stimulate your jaw so that it keeps making new bone tissue. This prevents bone loss that occurs with traditional dentures. That also means you can trust that your dentures will stay where you want them to be without any bad-tasting adhesives.

Make The Connection

It is more expensive to get implant-supported dentures than traditional dentures. When you factor in the lifetime costs of regular denture replacements, that cost difference isn’t as big as you might think, however.

If you have concerns about the cost, our team at Marineland Dental Care can discuss ways to make getting implants more affordable.

But how much is your smile worth? Can you put a price on what it means to be able to eat anything that you want or to be able to talk without worrying that your “teeth” will fall out?

If you have any interest in learning more about dental implants, you owe it to yourself to contact us online or to call 509-591-0515 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hadley.

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