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Happy New Year to you and your family from ours at Marineland Dental Care.

We hope 2018 will be a healthy and happy year for you, and we would like to do our part to help you keep your mouth as healthy as it can be.

At our Kennewick, WA dentist office, we have several services that can help you improve and maintain your smile this year and for many years to come. It starts with you calling 509-591-0515 or contacting us online to schedule an appointment with us.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions to consider when you are making your New Year’s resolutions. Following a few or all of them could make a big difference in you smile over the next 12 months.

1. Schedule Regular Dental Cleanings

This is something we hope you have been doing for years, but we know that many people put off dental visits longer than they should. We aren’t judging. We understand that modern life can be busy.

This is why we encourage you to schedule your appointments now. By getting them on your calendar, you are more likely to get the professional cleanings and exams that you need and deserve.

You already know that professional cleanings can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease — or find and treat them before they get out of hand. We want you to have a healthy smile, and we’ll do all we can to help.

2. Find Out About Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is one of the reasons many people — as many as 1 in 5, according to some experts — avoid the dentist.

This is understandable. You may have had a bad experience with a dentist when you were younger. You may not realize how much dental care has changed, and how we can do nearly any procedure practically pain-free today.

If you can’t remember the last time you made a dental appointment, then take some time to call us to ask about our sedation options. We can answer any questions you have about nitrous oxide or oral sedation, so you can choose the one that will help you get back in the dental chair.

3. Replace Your Metal Fillings

More than 90 percent of people will have cavities in their lives. If you are someone who’s already had a dental filling to treat tooth decay, there’s a reasonable chance that you received a metal filling. These are typically made of gold or amalgam (which is a blend of mercury and other metals).

While effective at protecting teeth against more decay, metal fillings aren’t exactly good for the appearance of your smile.

At Marineland Dental Care, we believe we have a better option with our tooth-colored fillings. Like metal fillings, these will protect your teeth. Unlike metal fillings, these blend in by looking like a natural part of your smile.

4. Fix Your Broken, Chipped Teeth

Almost daily, we see patients who have damaged teeth. Biting down on a piece of hard candy, ice, or an unpopped popcorn kernel is just one way that you could chip your teeth. Accidents such as getting hit in the mouth with something or falling down could also leave you with a broken tooth or teeth.

You don’t have to leave it that way. In fact, you shouldn’t. We can help repair your teeth with dental crowns, dental veneers, or dental bonding.

5. Replace Your Missing Teeth

If broken teeth are bad, then missing teeth are worse. Not only do missing teeth affect your smile, they also can hurt your ability to bite or chew. If they aren’t replaced, a lost tooth can allow your other teeth to move and increase your risk of losing more teeth.

Dental implants have made teeth replacements stronger than ever, and the materials used in modern crowns, bridges, and dentures look more like natural teeth than they ever have.

6. Improve Your Smile

Even if you have all your teeth and even if they are healthy, you may not like something about your smile. You can change it with cosmetic dentistry.

Whether you want a whiter smile, a straighter smile, or some other change, we have services that can give you the teeth that you want to see each morning when you look in the mirror.

To make an appointment at Marineland Dental Care or to learn more about any of our services, call 509-591-0515 or contact us online. Do it today!

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