There is a problem out there that is affects millions of people: missing teeth. Having missing teeth is a huge problem that affects your appearance and how you eat. Our Kennewick, WA dental office provides solutions for people missing one tooth or missing all of their teeth.

Dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. We can provide a series of dental implants to stabilize your teeth. If you have terrible dentures or struggle with missing teeth, give us a call today at 509-591-0515 or use the online form to request a visit.

Today I want to give you more information about the struggles of missing teeth and how to correct your problem at our office.

The Problems With Missing Teeth

In a perfect world, we all would keep our teeth forever. We’d never get cavities and never have to worry about our teeth failing or gum disease. But teeth sometimes do fail, and not everyone has great teeth. There are millions of people with total tooth loss. When the teeth are lost, the facial structure changes and your food options are extremely limited. Missing teeth are distracting and make it difficult to eat the food you love.

The most common way to replace missing teeth is with dentures. Of course, dentures have been used in dentistry for hundreds of years. These devices have become extraordinarily lifelike. Dentures look great, but the function is lacking. A common complaint of dentures is that the devices shift around in the mouth. There are denture adhesives, but it’s still not even close to the power of your natural teeth. Dentures can only give you about 50 percent of the biting force of natural teeth.

Stabilize Your Teeth Today

Dental implants are one of the most versatile tools used in dentistry. To stabilize dentures, there are two main type of dental implants available: mini dental implants and conventional dental implants. Mini dental implants are much like traditional dental implants but only smaller in diameter. Mini dental implants are ideal for patients who have thin jawbones and don’t want to undergo extensive surgery.

Dental implants are so strong because they merge with the jawbone. Titanium, the material used for dental implants, is compatible with your body. Once the implant has healed, it’s literally part of your body, and we can restore it with dentures, crowns, or bridges.

Join Our Dental Family

At Marineland Dental Care, our patients with dental implants tell us they can eat whatever they want. Instead of worrying about having their teeth pop out or struggling to eat the food they love.

If you have bad dentures, you probably worry about your dentures every time you eat something. Picture yourself never having to worry about your teeth again. Imagine never having to wear goopy adhesives in your mouth again. Imagine never being too scared to simple in public. Dental implants can resolve all of these concerns. If you’re ready to learn more, give us a call today at 509-591-0515 or use the online form to book a visit.

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