Cavities are treated by your dentist by removing the decayed areas of your tooth and then replacing the missing portion with dental filling. Back in the day, dental fillings were often made from amalgam metal and gold because of their strength, which allows them to withstand the strong biting forces generated by teeth. But they do come with several disadvantages, one of which is that their color doesn’t match the natural shade of white that your teeth have, which makes them stand out whenever you’ll smile or speak. Also, over time, these fillings will wear out and would have to be replaced as soon as possible. Nowadays, dentists prefer to use fillings made from porcelain as they blend well with teeth and can last for years with proper dental care.

Apart from their color, amalgam and gold fillings come with other disadvantages:

• Amalgam fillings will tarnish over time and may discolor other teeth

• When amalgam and gold fillings are placed next to each other, a painful galvanic shock could occur because of the interaction between both metals and your saliva

• Gold fillings are quite expensive and would need several appointments to finish treatment
Kennewick dentist Dr. Walter Hadley can help patients replace their worn-out fillings with modern porcelain fillings at Marineland Dental Care. Old fillings, especially those made from amalgam and gold, can wear down over time and expose spaces between the tooth and the filling. When this happens, debris from food and even bacteria can get trapped in these open spaces and cause tooth decay.

Dr. Hadley will perform a thorough examination of your teeth in order to determine if your old fillings would already need to be replaced. Your Kennewick dentist may recommend porcelain inlays, onlays, and even composite fillings, depending on your dental needs. These materials match the color of your teeth and are much more durable thanks to advances in dental technology.

If you have old gold or amalgam fillings that need to be replaced, then please call 509-591-0515 today to schedule an appointment at Marineland Dental Care.

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