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Dental crowns have been a go-to restoration option for well over a century. As you’d expect, crowns have come a long way from their early – and crude – beginnings. Today’s modern dental crowns are strong, durable, and attractive.


In fact, dental crowns are the ultimate multitaskers in the mouth, offering safety, stability, and a great appearance for your teeth.


About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are restorations for damaged teeth. Teeth that have been damaged by decay, accident, or impact are potential routes for dental infections to spread into the underlying bone and even into your bloodstream. Dental crowns are used to preserve and protect a severely damaged tooth, restore function, and sometimes for cosmetic purposes.


If you’ve people talking about getting a tooth “capped,” they were referring to dental crown. Crowns can be hollow, allowing them to completely cover a damaged tooth, or solid. Solid crowns are used in dental bridges and dental implant restorations.


Do You Need A Dental Crown?

If one or more of your teeth has had a lot of work done on it – numerous fillings, for instance – the tooth structure may not be strong enough to handle the pressure of chewing. A dental crown over that tooth will protect the tooth against breakage and allow you to eat comfortably. The same is true if your tooth enamel is excessively worn.


Dental crowns are often used following root canal procedures. A root canal cleans out infected dental pulp – the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels – inside a tooth. A dental crown helps defend the tooth against further infection and protects the tooth structure.


Finally, you might need a crown to enhance the appearance of a tooth that’s discolored, cracked, or otherwise unsightly.


Getting A Dental Crown At Marineland Dental Care

Not all damaged or worn teeth need dental crowns. Dr. Walter Hadley in Kennewick, WA will perform a thorough examination, including X-rays, to accurately assess the condition of your teeth. If a dental crown is indicated, here’s what you can expect.


The tooth will be prepared to accept a crown. The tooth will be reduced in size so that the crown that fits over it will be the same size as the original. He’ll take a mold to guide the dental laboratory in preparing your crown and then place a temporary crown to protect the tooth.


Once your permanent crown is ready, you’ll return to our Kennewick, WA office to have your permanent crown fitted and firmly cemented to your tooth. Voila! You have a strong, durable, attractive, and completely functional tooth again.


Don’t Live With Damaged Or Worn Teeth

Dental crowns are the multitaskers of the mouth, and you can put their power to work for you.

All of us at Marineland Dental Care want you to have your healthiest mouth and most beautiful smile.


The first step to protecting and enhancing your teeth with dental crowns begins with an examination by Dr. Hadley at Marineland Dental Care Kennewick, WA. Make an appointment today by calling our office at 509-591-0515 or use our convenient online form.

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