We love restoring your smile from nothing into something you can be proud of. It’s one of our favorite parts of this job! When you are without teeth, or nearing that time, it’s good to know that we have reliable, restorative options available for you. One of our favorites is dentures with implants. We’ve put together a list of three reasons why we love this restoration!

1. No Artificial Palate to Ruin the Taste of Food
One part of traditional dentures that our patients absolutely loathe is the artificial palate that stretches across the roof of the mouth. This piece of plastic hinders your ability to taste the foods you love and enjoy them the way you should. Dentures with implants don’t require that piece, so you are left with all your tasting strength intact!

2. Stability and Bite Strength
Traditional dentures cut your bite strength down significantly. Some studies show that you have 75% less bite strength with dentures than with your natural teeth. Dentures with implants bring that bite strength back up closer to what it was with natural teeth.

3. Confidence
There is no way to express the confidence you will feel with your dentures with implants. You won’t be worrying about your teeth slipping, or losing your dentures while you eat with your family. You will be completely confident, and that’s what a dental restoration is all about!

Dentures with implants are a fantastic way for you to get a complete restoration without giving up the things you should be able to do with your mouth, like tasting, chewing, and smiling. Contact us today to learn more about dentures with implants. Find out if this is a solution for you, and we’ll get started quickly to get you the smile you’ve been missing!

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