Learning something new always takes time. You wouldn’t walk into a sporting event without knowing the rules, and we don’t expect you to do that with new dental experiences either. We’ve put together a list of a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for a successful denture experience. By simply knowing what you expect, you can improve your outcome greatly.

1) Fit Matters
From the first time you place your dentures in your mouth, the fit is very important. If your dentures don’t fit properly, we want to adjust them so that you can improve the way they feel. That fit helps your dentures function, and feel great!

2) It Takes Time to Adjust
Learning to use dentures is the same as learning any other new skill. It will take time to learn to chew and speak confidently with dentures in your mouth. Allow yourself that time, practice, and wait for things to get better over time.

3) Dental Appointments are Important
Just because you have false teeth doesn’t mean that you are off the hook when it comes to dental appointments. Maintain your six-month exam and cleaning appointments to keep a healthy mouth and gums and to check the fit for your dentures.

Adjusting to a life with dentures takes time and practice. Don’t get frustrated when you begin the process. Instead, cut yourself some slack and keep trying! Contact us to set up your next appointment, and let us know how we can help you make the adjustment with ease!

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