Not all dental restorations are created equally. If you are thinking about (or needing to) replace a missing tooth, think very seriously about a dental implant. The implant is the most natural restoration solution because it not only replaces the crown of the tooth, but the actual root! It is so natural-feeling that you might lose track of which tooth is the implant! Here are three more reasons to love dental implants!

1) There’s No Extra Damage
Some restorations require you to damage surrounding teeth in order to restore a missing tooth. Dental implants will not do that! The implant doesn’t need the support of adjacent teeth in order to stay secure, therefore, surrounding teeth are safe!

2) Osseointegration Rocks
The magic behind an implant is the process of osseointegration. When the implant goes into the jawbone, the bone begins to incorporate the implant into the bone structure, creating a permanent bond through osseointegration.

3) The Closest You Can Get to a Natural Tooth
There is no other dental restoration that will look, feel, and function like a natural tooth. A dental implant does all three! You are left with an amazingly natural restoration that will never be noticed, just like a natural tooth!

Dental implants are an amazing dental restoration. If you are considering an implant and any other restoration, we suggest that you stick with the implant! You won’t be sorry! Contact us today if you have any questions about dental implants, and set up your appointment for a checkup! It’s about time you got on track for a healthier smile!

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