Everything ages. It’s a sad truth to this world that we live in. Nothing is ever getting younger! While some things do get better with age, your fillings do not! This is especially true if your fillings are made of metal. You might have gold fillings or metal amalgam. In either case, it’s time that we checked on those restorations!

As with anything else, your fillings need upkeep. Just because we found the cavity and filled it does not mean that the story is over. Many of us had our first fillings as children, and there is no way we can expect those fillings to last for the rest of our lives.

With the help of our friendly staff here at Marineland Dental Care, you can evaluate the health and effectiveness of your fillings. We can find out very quickly if your fillings are safe or if you need to do something to improve the health of your teeth. Today, we want to spend some time looking at your options to replace large, failing fillings.

Old Fillings Lead to Weak Teeth

When your dentist placed your filling years ago, you probably thought that was the end of that story. Unfortunately, for large fillings especially, the filling itself can cause damage to your tooth. Large metal fillings do not bond well with your tooth. As a result, your tooth gets weak over time until it is no longer viable.

We can often catch this early, but we can’t always. In many cases, patients avoid coming into the office until their tooth is very weak or the filling is leaking. By this point, we need to find a new solution for your tooth.

It’s Too Far Gone for New Fillings

When you have a large metal filling that has failed, it would be next to impossible for us to replace that filling with another filling. Your tooth isn’t strong enough to support another filling, and it would lead you right back to our office within a matter of months or weeks.

When fillings are no longer an option, we have to turn to something more substantial. We turn to inlays, onlays, or full crowns to restore the function, look, and health of your tooth.

The Inlay/Onlay Option

Inlays and onlays are very similar. These are porcelain fillings crafted to fit into your tooth to take the place of the filling. An inlay fits within the cusps of your tooth, while an onlay covers one or more cusps. Inlays and onlays are cemented to your tooth like a crown so that you can trust them to stay in place through all of your tooth’s functions.

Custom Filling – Inlays and onlays are great because they are custom made to fit inside of your tooth perfectly. We use impressions to ensure that your restoration is a perfect match!

Strong Material – Porcelain is a strong material that can withstand the toughest chewing and dental needs. You can trust your inlay or onlay to stay inside of your tooth and restore full function!

Looks Natural – The best part for many of our patients is that inlays and onlays restore the natural look of your tooth. There is no gold or silver spot sticking out in your white smile. The restoration looks like your natural tooth, which makes them great for teeth near the front of your smile!

The Crown Option

There are cases where even an inlay or onlay is not enough to restore function for a tooth. You need a full dental crown. The idea is the same as that of an inlay or onlay, but instead of filling your tooth, a crown will fit around the sides of your tooth to hold it in place. Crowns are only used when necessary.

No Longer a Viable Tooth – We use crowns when a tooth crown is no longer viable, but the root of the tooth is still good. As long as you have a healthy root, we will do what we can to give you a tooth that functions. A crown allows us to do that. We can literally cover your broken, cracked tooth with a full crown to restore complete function.

Complete Coverage – The crown covers your entire tooth, which keeps it safe from infection and decay. In order to make that fit, we have to trim a layer of enamel from your natural tooth so that the crown can fit naturally between the adjacent natural teeth.

Natural Look and Feel – A dental crown is fantastic because of its natural look and feel. When you have a crown, you won’t notice it at all. No one around you will notice it either because we can match the material to the color of your teeth exactly!

Have Your Fillings Checked Today!

Don’t wait for your filing to fail. Instead, maintain your routine dental cleanings and exams. These visits give us a chance to check your fillings to make sure they are still functioning as they should. Contact us today to set up your next appointment. We would love to see you soon so that we can help you maintain your happy, healthy smile!

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