The teeth have a strong effect on a person’s physical appearance, for better or for worse. Aside from making crucial, day-to-day tasks like biting, chewing and speech articulation possible, they also have aesthetic functions. For their part, the teeth help hold up the facial structure, supporting it along with other bones on the face and skull. The teeth also show whenever we speak, laugh and smile, hence they are some of the first things that people notice about our physical appearance.

That said, the teeth can either complement or mar our features depending on their condition. A number of factors influence the general condition of our teeth, such as color, alignment and dental health. Most of these are predetermined by genetics, but certain lifestyle choices influence them as well.

The color of the teeth pertain to the shade of the tooth enamel. Some people are born with naturally white teeth, while others are born with teeth that have a yellow or grey cast to them, which persists regardless of oral hygiene practices. However, lifestyle choices like smoking, as well as drinking soda and caffeine can stain the teeth. Poor hygiene has the same effect. To maintain the pearly white color of the teeth, you may consider getting teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that reverses dental discoloration. It shows results in just one or two sessions.

The alignment of the teeth is also hereditary. The incidence of misalignment can be addressed with preventive orthodontic care, though few people do so. The more common practice is to turn to remedial methods like metal braces and invisalign.

Dental health refers to the general well-being of the teeth. The absence of tooth decay and cavities make the teeth look more attractive and healthy. If you are too embarrassed to smile, don’t hesitate to call our Kennewick, WA office at 509-591-0515. We’re here to help.

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