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At one time gold was, well, the gold standard in dental fillings. From a functional standpoint, it made sense. Gold was long-lasting and it restored the function of teeth that had been damaged by cavities.

Today, you have a better option. You can restore your teeth and your smile at the same time with tooth-colored dental fillings at our Kennewick, WA, dentist office.

Tooth decay can have a big impact on your teeth. That can change the appearance of your smile. But it doesn’t have to if you get the right kind of fillings.

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The Purpose Of Dental Fillings

All dental fillings serve two primary functions:

▪︎ To restore the shape and function of your tooth

▪︎ To protect your tooth from tooth decay

Tooth decay starts with bacteria that already live inside your mouth. If that bacteria multiplies, it can form plaque. That can lead to tooth decay, which causes cavities.

Usually, a dental filling is sufficient to repair the cavity if you get treatment early. Gold, amalgam (a blend of mercury and other metals), and composite fillings all can serve this role.

Gold and amalgam fillings are made of metal. Depending on the location of your cavity, the filling can be noticeable when you speak or smile. In a way, these kinds of fillings can draw attention to the fact that you did have a cavity.

It’s a fact that more than 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity in their lives. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you want to advertise to the world where your cavity was.

With time, metal fillings can lose their color. That can make them even more distracting, and it may even lead people to think you have a cavity again.

Composite fillings are made from a resin that closely matches the color of teeth. These white or tooth-colored fillings will do the same job as metal filling while blending in or hiding the location of your cavity.

This gives your smile a more natural appearance and may help you feel more comfortable in social and professional situations. That’s why we offer tooth-colored fillings at our dentist office in Kennewick, WA.

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Is It Time For A New Dental Filling?

One of the drawbacks of dental fillings is they are not permanent. Over time, they can become:

▸ chipped

▸ cracked

▸ separated from your teeth

▸ worn down

This affects all dental fillings eventually. Fillings are at best temporary fixes for cavities, and they will have to be replaced from time to time.

If you have a gold or amalgam filling, you don’t have to continue getting the same kind of filling for the rest of your life. When it comes time to replace your old filling, Marineland Dental Care can give you a tooth-colored filling instead.

But how do you know when your filling should be replaced?

We described the reasons to replace a dental filling instead, however, this is a case when a professional opinion can be particularly helpful.

By making appointments for routine dental cleanings and examinations, our dentist, Dr. Hadley, will be able to examine your fillings. He can monitor changes to your fillings and let you know when it’s time to get new ones.

Keep in mind that part of the reason for having filings is to prevent tooth decay from developing again. Bacteria are microscopic. They only need a small space like a crack or a worn down part of a filling to get into a space that you can’t clean with a toothbrush or dental floss.

Making sure you have good fillings will reduce your chances of having another cavity in that same tooth.

If you haven’t had a cleaning and examination in the past six months, then you should contact us today to schedule one as soon as possible.


Prevention Is The Best Approach

You have a good reason to make regular appointments at Marineland Dental Care whether you are one of the few people who has never had a cavity or you are trying to avoid getting another one.

We will be happy to answer your questions about preventive care or about our dental filling options. Just call 509-591-0515 or contact us online to schedule your next or your first visit to our Kennewick, WA, dentist office.

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