The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to restore your damaged teeth. One of the most common treatments preferred by most patients is dental veneers. Veneers are custom-made thin shells that are attached to the front teeth to improve your appearance. If you’re not yet familiar with this, here are top five things you should know about the wafer-thin shells.

Solves a variety of dental problems

Veneers are effective treatment for worn enamel, uneven tooth alignment, small gaps, irregularly shaped teeth, tooth discoloration, fractures, cracks, and chips.

Less-invasive compared to other treatments

The procedure is less invasive because it involves minimal reduction of the tooth surface. It saves your healthy teeth while hiding its imperfections.

Quick and simple procedure

Restoring your broken teeth is simple. Your dentist will remove a very small portion of your teeth to make room for your veneers. Then, he’ll apply a mild chemical solution to the affected area to make it rough. This will also help the resin composite to stick easily to your teeth. After applying it in layers, he will harden the materials using a curing light. Finally, he’ll shape and polish it so it’ll blend with your natural teeth.

Natural appearance

Your health care professional will choose the shade that matches the color of your original teeth. This way, people won’t even notice that you have veneers on.

Easy to maintain

You just need to keep up with your daily oral hygiene and visit the clinic for checkups and cleaning once in a while. Avoid bad oral habits that can wreck your teeth as veneers can get damaged, especially if you tend to bite or chew on hard objects.

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