In cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns are used to cover teeth that are chipped, broken, or uneven in shape and size. It can instantly improve the appearance of your teeth and there are many options when it comes to the type of crown material used. Here are the popular ones you can inquire about with your Kennewick dentist:

All-Resin Crowns

Crowns made of resin are very popular because of their inexpensive price. However, compared to other types, crowns made from resin material are not so durable and wear down faster and are prone to break or fracture.


This type of crown can closely match the natural color of your tooth, which is why it is a good choice for crowns placed on your front teeth. The metal fused together with the porcelain gives this type of crown greater stability and strength and has a high-rate of long-term success among patients.

Stainless steel

Crowns that are made of stainless steel are commonly used for younger patients like kids and teens. That’s because this type doesn’t require the patient to go on multiple visits to the dentist and is cost-effective. It is extremely durable and used for repairing primary teeth with developmental defects or fractures.

Metal Crowns

With metal crowns, your Kennewick WA dentist does not need to remove a large portion of your tooth structure in order to attach the crown. The commonly used metals for this type are gold alloy, palladium, nickel or chromium. As you may have guessed, metal crowns are really durable and can take on a lot of biting and chewing without the crown chipping away. The main disadvantage would be the metallic color, which some find as a bit of a turn-off in appearance.

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