If you have minor dental problems you would like to fix and don’t want to endure long and inconvenient procedures, porcelain veneers might just be the perfect solution for you.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin, shell-like prosthetics that are cemented onto your natural teeth. They are usually made of composite or plastic resin or porcelain material that can match the color/shade of your real teeth. Due to their tooth-colored characteristics, veneers are very good for fixing damaged front teeth.

Are You a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Veneers can fix a lot of common dental problems and are widely used in cosmetic dental procedures. They offer a quick solution for repairing teeth discoloration, cracks, and simple misalignments or tooth gaps. They are also very useful for people who have sustained broken teeth due to an accident or injury.

If you have similar dental problems, go for a consultation at your Kennewick WA dentist and ask about dental veneers. Depending on the examination of your dentist, you may need to undergo teeth cleaning and other cosmetic dental procedures that will complement your veneers.

What to Expect During a Veneer Procedure

Unlike other dental procedures that take months and several visits to your Kennewick WA dentist, veneers can be completed in about three sessions.

1. Checkup for Veneers – During your first dental visit for veneers, your dentist will diagnose your dental condition. He or she will need to check if there are other problems that need to be addressed first like cavities or gum infection. If you’re clear, your dentist may begin planning your veneer treatment and schedule you for your next session.

2. Making the Veneers – On your second visit, your dentist will prepare your teeth and gather the information she needs to produce your veneers. This step may include getting teeth impressions, X-rays, and teeth cleaning. All your dental information will then be sent to a lab where your permanent veneers will be fabricated.

3. Placing Veneers – Finally, once your veneers arrive, your dentist will place then onto the damaged tooth/teeth using a special dental glue. After that, final trimming and cleaning take place and you are ready to enjoy your new and beautiful teeth!

For more information about veneers, please call Marineland Dental Care at 509-591-0515. Dr. Walter Hadley, DDS heads the clinic at Kennewick, WA.

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