What to Keep in Mind When Considering a Dental MakeoverOur smiles make us who we are. That isn’t some kind of byproduct of an appearance-obsessed society, either — it’s scientifically true. Studies have shown that a person’s dental imprint is just as unique as his or her fingerprints, making it demonstrably true that our teeth define us (in one way or another). Depending on the individual, however, there’s always room for improvement.

This is part of why the cosmetic dental industry has flourished. Using teeth whitening, dental implant surgery, and many other procedures, the best private dentists in the country are improving smiles every single day. And when it comes to your smile, it’s good to know that you have options. With that in mind, here are four tips to remember when considering a full dental makeover.

How to whiten up your chompers

You could pick up a package of do-it-yourself whitening strips from the supermarket, but you might not be totally satisfied with the results. When you want to get serious about a whitening-based dental makeover, look up your local dentist and see what he or she can do for your smile. Most procedures are peroxide-based, and remove the stains that tend to accumulate on your teeth, revealing the shining, bright enamel below.

Keeping your dentures clean

Of course, you could already be one of the 26% of Americans over age 74 who have lost all of their adult teeth. In that case, you might be reliant on your dentures to get you through the day. Good denture maintenance means removing and cleaning them after each meal and soaking them overnight to keep their shape. However, dentures can be finicky and awkward, which is why dental implants have become so much more popular.

Enjoying the best dental implants

In contrast to dentures, which are inherently removable, dental implants are firm and sit directly in the bone socket of your jaw. A cosmetic dentist embeds a titanium root into your jaw, then attaches the false tooth to the implant in order to ensure maximum hold. In other words, dental implants aren’t going anywhere, and that fact has made them one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around for a dental makeover.

A great smile starts at home

If you’re smart about your dental care in the first place, you might not have to worry about any of these dental makeover options down the road. After all, the best kind of care for your smile is preventative care. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day — especially after meals — is paramount to good oral hygiene, as is frequent mouthwash use and avoiding excessive sweets and sugary foods. Remember, your smile is who are you, so do everything you can to be a shining example.

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