Get a Brand-New, Beautiful Smile With A Smile Makeover

When most people think of a makeover, they think of losing weight or changing their hairstyle. Given how important your smile is to your overall appearance, you should also consider changing what you don’t like about your smile!

Marineland Dental Care offers cosmetic dentistry & restorative dentistry services that can completely transform your smile! Kennewick, WA dentist Dr. Walter Hadley has performed countless smile makeovers in his nearly 40 years as a dentist. So he can help you determine which services best fit your wants & needs.

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We’ll Design A Smile Makeover Plan That’s Right For You

Dr. Hadley’s goal is to create a smile that will change your life for the better, while minimizing the amount of effort & cost needed. He’ll design a customized cosmetic dentistry plan that helps you attain your smile goals in a way that makes the most of your time and money.

For example, if you are interested in using dental veneers to lengthen worn-down teeth & also plan to whiten your teeth, he may suggest teeth whitening first & then matching veneers to your newly white shade.

He’ll even create complementary mock-ups to preview how your new smile will look!

Choose From Many Dental Services To Transform Your Smile

Among the services we offer to transform your smile:

  • Porcelain dental crowns. Because dental crowns completely cover your teeth, they conceal damage such as discoloration, breaks, cracks, or severe decay.
  • Porcelain or composite dental veneers. These cover the front surfaces of your teeth, so they are an especially good choice for the “social six” teeth in the front of your mouth.
  • Tooth bonding. Hadley can apply a tooth-colored composite resin directly to your teeth, shaping it so it hides flaws such as small gaps or an irregularly shaped tooth.
  • Dental implants. When combined with a restoration like a dental crown or dental bridge, implants are a natural-looking tooth replacement.
  • Dentures. Another tooth replacement option, dentures can replace several missing tooth or a whole mouthful of teeth.

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