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Dental Assistant

My name is Anna & I’ve worked for Dr. Hadley a little over a year now. He’s very wonderful to work for—caring, compassionate, very passionate about his work. When I’m not here you can find me at the park with my dogs & my family or camping out in the wilderness. I’ve been in dentistry for just over a year now. When I was little I used to make my sister play dentist with me & I’d clean her teeth for her. I went to Tri-Tech in high school & I always just kind of knew I was going to go into dentistry. I always had a passion for it.


Dental Assistant

My name is Ciera and I’ve worked for Dr. Hadley for five years. I went into a program called Tri-Tech when I was in high school and I actually got offered the position here from that to start in sterilization and so I started there and of course I kind of eased into the assisting into full time assisting. I just love working here with everybody, it’s like a big family and Dr. Hadley just really eases the patient and it’s just a nice relaxed place to come and have dentistry done.


Dental Assistant

I’m Crystal, I’ve been with Dr. Hadley for almost two years now, I have three kids, nine, five & five months so I’m usually at home playing with them when I’m not working. I’ve been in the dental field for a little over 12 years & I love it here because we work so well together, it’s really a working family not a job. It’s fun to come together & help people & get paid for doing what you love.



I worked with Dr. Howard for 18 years & he retired in October of 1998 & at that time Dr. Hadley acquired the practice. He & Dr. Howard were really good friends & when Dr. Howard wanted to retire, he offered the practice to Dr. Hadley. Dr. Hadley said that would be great, and he would like to speak with his new group of patients and wanted to have the hygienist come along. Some of those patients have been visiting us for 33 years now.

We are all personable — we enjoy working with the people that come into the office and with each other. We just have a real camaraderie here.



I just love working here. I love Dr. Hadley & I believe in him. I’ve been a dental hygienist now for 26 years & I was a dental assistant for five years before that. I believe Dr. Hadley has devoted his practice to helping people that are anxious about visiting the dentist. We do get quite a few people who had previous challenges with dentists in the past & they’re trying to get over those challenges & those fears & we really help with that here.



I’m Yvonne, I’m one of the hygienists here with Dr. Hadley & I’ve been here for almost 15 years. Dr. Hadley does excellent work, some of the best work that I’ve ever seen. I love the ladies that I work with. We all work well together as a team.
At home, I have three kids, 8, 10 & 13, & my 8-year-old swears that when she has a loose tooth Dr. Hadley has to pull it out, no one’s to touch that tooth except for him. We love water-skiing, snow-skiing and hiking. You’ll always find us going places on the weekend.



Dr. Hadley is so nice to our walk-in patients. He offers a second opinion & then they can make the choice of whether they want to go to their first dentist or they are welcome to come to our office. Obviously, we would definitely want them to come to our office but the no pressure environment is great.



Dr. Hadley’s chair-side manner is professional but not overly clinical. He’s very good at catering to that, he is very warm & comfortable, so that if you had any anxiety you wouldn’t feel that he had no sympathy for you because we deal with that on a daily basis. Nobody loves to come to the dentist, so we just try to cater to that.

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